Carrie has been a high school English teacher for over twenty-five years. She has taught in rural, suburban, and urban schools and has a lot to talk about when it comes to the disaster that is public education.

Let’s talk about the dirt and get it out of the way at the beginning, shall we: religion and politics! Call it a life crisis, but she is currently searching for a religion she can be comfortable with. The older she gets, the more she believes that “God” can be anything because we’re kind of all worshipping the same higher-level entity that created us…we just have different names for Him/Her. She’s disgusted with the state of American politics. She’s an Independent and can’t believe what has become of this country and how little she apparently knew her friends until they started spewing such nastiness and hate on social media: on both sides. But you know what? That just makes it easier for her husband and her to be the social distancing experts they are!

She grew up in Eastern PA and considers herself a Pennsylvania girl even though she’s lived in New York for going on eighteen years now. She lived in Brooklyn for a while and now lives in Manhattan with her husband. It’s not sexy or fun. They pay more a month for a one-bedroom apartment than the mortgage and taxes on a two-story house on a small lake on one acre in the Poconos­. It’s maddening. Unfortunately, that’s where both of their careers currently are. Although in the COVID-19 world, both are working from home now, so…

She’s a long-time gamer and Star Wars fan since 1977 (when A New Hope came out). She loves Game of Thrones (until the last twenty minutes of the final episode of the final season), The Walking Dead, Lucifer, Star Trek, and The Witcher while eagerly awaiting The Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings series to come to Amazon! They are DINKS (dual income, no kids) but have two fur babies: a dog and a cat…Sansa (after the Queen of the North) and Guinness (after their favorite Irish stout). Both are rescues because they firmly believe in adoption over buying. She’ll be ranting and raving about many more things, but she’s probably already lost the two people who were reading this. It’s okay. She’s a teacher… She’s used to it.

Carrie hosts Rise Above the Noise: A Conversation with Carrie and Dan on Wednesday nights, as well as a V.O.P. Network show We Drink and We Know Things.

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