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Profiles in Peace: Marsha P. Johnson

Activists are driven individuals who fight for a cause they find themselves passionate about. Activists are not always in plain sight and could easily be your neighbor or high school friend. Their passion can be seen in how they fight for a cause and the sincerity in their fight. In this blog, we will explore the life and work of Marsha P. Johnson. A case will be made why Johnson […]

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Propagating National Security Interests

2017 National Security Document In 2017, President Donald J. Trump wrote his National Security Strategy outlining the views he thought were best fit to protect the U.S. While he had his successes, he also had his fair share of downfalls. This blog will access the liberal, identity, and realist perspective concepts found within the National Security Strategy. After a brief assessment of each perspective within the document, the overall realist […]

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Abortion and Moral Obligation 

Part 1: Introduction  Before 1972, abortion on demand was illegal in all states except for Washington, Hawaii, Alaska. And New York. The few permitting circumstances for the other 46 states were when found necessary to save the mother's life in rape and incest cases. This standing all changed when Norma McCorvey filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas, known as the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. McCorvey claimed that the law banning abortion was unconstitutional. The case […]

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Film Analysis – Pulp Fiction

  Final Film Analysis Pulp Fiction turns the gangster genre on its head in its portrayal of good vs. bad. Tarantino uses dialogue, lighting, and sound to weave a redemption tale into an instant classic. Twenty-six years later, it is still being quoted and dissected. Its impact on films, the careers of the actors, and Tarantino has proven the film to be a cultural phenomenon. Introduction Pulp Fiction is classified […]

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Culture and the Assimilation of Ethnic Groups

Culture and the Assimilation of Ethnic Groups   The definition of assimilation is when outsiders, either ethnically or culturally, adapt their way of life to become like others in a new environment.  Many ethnic groups immigrate to a new country and often fleeing conflict in their home country to make a better life for themselves and their families. A vast majority of ethnic groups believe the United States is a […]

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